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 all for the love of our pets

When Bear, our mixed large breed dog, was 13+yrs old, he no longer was able to jump in the back of our SUV or easily get up off of his bed. We tried steroids but he became very ill. After nearly an entire year of research and experimenting, we successfully formulated an Elixir with the correct combination of fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices. After 2 weeks of using Bear's Youthful Elixir, as we began to call it, I dutifully bent down to help lift his 60 pound body into my SUV... Bear ran around behind me then flew into my SUV. That was the last time I ever helped him in or out.

Now Bear flies in and out of our SUV, and runs, jumps and climbs with ease. Bear is now 16 years young without any health problems, his hips show no sign of dysplasia, and he acts nothing but agile and youthful! No arthritis, hip-displacement, diabetes or organ failure. In fact, if anything, he is stronger, faster, more agile than ever and able to sprint, play ball in the water or chase rabbits! We love our pets!!

Proof It Works!

Proof It Works!

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