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What People Are Saying


Tink is a 14 year old chihuahua. A little over a year ago I came home from work to see her wagging her tail trying to greet me but her back legs kept buckling underneath her and she could not walk. It scared me so bad I scooped her up and drove her directly to the vet. After doing x-rays they discovered she had arthritis in her hips and patellas. The doctor also had blood work drawn to make sure nothing else was going on. She got a cortisone injection and a prescription for Tramadol and they sent us on our way. I was relieved my baby was ok, however, a few days later the doctor called me to tell me Tink's blood work came back and she has stage 2 kidney disease. The doctor wanted to put her on another medication for that. Now I am a pediatric RN, I believe in medicine when it is needed, but hearing she had kidney disease and taking a strong medication like Tramadol was worrisome to me. While most medications are broken down in the liver, it will also pass through the kidneys. The vet told me this medication was safe, but I was really hoping to find something better. 


Now this is where Bear's Youthful Elixir comes in. I was at the Laguna Beach Farmer's market where I am most Saturdays but I saw a new booth. It was Jean telling people about Bear. She showed me the video of Bear running and jumping after being diagnosed with arthritis himself. That was all I needed to be sold on this product. I stopped Tink's Tramadol the following morning and started feeding her Bear's Youthful Elixir with every meal (twice a day). On a side note, anyone who has ever had a chihuahua knows how picky they can be about their food. I was so happy she loved it! It has now been 2 months that Tink has been on Bear's elixir and she is on zero medications! She hops, runs and plays like she is a puppy again. The extra thirst caused by the Tramadol is gone. Her need to lick gravel related to kidney disease is gone. Her horrible chihuahua breath has even improved. 


I really did not know what to expect when I bought that first jar of Bear's Youthful Elixir, but it has far surpassed any expectation I could have. I also give it to my 4 year old Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix Lucy to keep her healthy and happy too. Thank you Bear for sharing your elixir with us! Tink and Lucy love you!


“My name is Hero, I am an American Bulldog and I weigh in at a whopping 125lbs. I lost one of my eyes to cataracts then began having trouble with sight in the remaining eye until I met Bear and he started sharing his Elixir with me. I’m doing great and so is my eye sight. I have much more energy. A friend of mine at the park said I am like a brand new dog with a different personality. Thanks Bear!!"


These ladies Saved my Life. Something was traveling through my body and blood. I was completely inflamed and it had gone to my brain. It was crippling my hands, arms, muscles, all joints and especially my PRECIOUS brain. I had no circulation at night and my hands and feet would swell and numb while driving and sleeping. I am only 42. It felt like an uncomfortable electricity was traveling through my body at all times. For 9 months I spent thousands on blood tests, brain scans, x rays etc. I got tested for ALS, MS, Arthritis, Lyme Disease, Carpals Tunnel, Diabetes... you name it, I was tested for it. They kept saying everthing is normal, you are super healthy and in great shape, but i knew I wasnt. At one point my arm stopped working, at one point I couldn't hold a pencil and and for the last 3 months I was double parking everyday. For a few months I was unable to feel when I got burned or cut because my body was so numb and swollen and without muscle coordination in so many places at random times. They tried to prescribe Cortisone to make my body "stop reacting to what ever it was trying to fight off" just so I could have comfort. NOT ACCEPTABLE. I had to fix myself and I turned to Yoga by accident and I found these two women by accident. Or was it the Universe?! 4 weeks now and I am almost 100% healed from a DOG FOOD ELIXIR!! Yeah I said it and I'm proud to drink it everyday. My inflammation was gone in two days and my joints and muscles were healed in 1.5 weeks. I can't say enough. These sisters are the real deal. Oh yeah, and it heals dogs too:) Thank you ladies!



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