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We take great pride in offering Natural Non-GMO USDA Approved Proteins that follow an 80/10/5/5 Ratio. Our soy-free meat treats made from our grinds allow you to easily integrate a biologically and species appropriate raw food diet into your's and your pet's lifestyle. Frozen individual cubed treats, for easy feeding! Lamb, Ground Chuck, Elk, Bison, Chicken or Rabbit available by request. Ingredients: Organic Non-GMO Proteins (Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Bison, Lamb, Rabbit, Ground Chuck, Elk) including Organs and Bones.


1 lb. = 15-20 pieces

2 lb. = 20-40 pieces

Organic Raw Meat Treats

  • Sorry, we do not offer returns. Should there be an issue with the product you receive, please contact us immediately so we can help!

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